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What is ITK Point?

ITK POINT is an innovative, autonomous bus stop-terminal, powered by renewable energy sources. This green eco-island, indispensable on the map of every Polish municipality, offers many unique amenities depending on the needs, requirements and wishes of the customer. The massive reinforced concrete structure ensures the safety of children waiting for the school bus and protects the passengers against wind, rain and snow. Additionally, the automatic lighting and monitoring increase the level of the comfort in using. No glazing does not provoke the acts of vandalism and architectural concrete allows for quick removal of the potential unwanted graffiti. But that’s not all…



ITK POINT can be equipped with an ATM, deposit ATM, food vending machine, mailboxes, a coin deposit machine for administrative correspondence, advertising screens, poster boards so it can play a role of the local information and advertising center. It can be also equipped with a security support system – an intelligent energy storage that will allow the users to charge their electric vehicles, such as bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and, under certain conditions, even cars. Every ITK POINT is equipped with a free, high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access.
The PiM application (Polish Smart City), specially designed for ITK POINT, allows the passengers to see public and private transport vehicles on ITK POINT on-line screens, along with the travel times and the location of the vehicles on the map. Every passenger can install and use the application on their phone or a laptop. As a whole, covered by a 10-year warranty and preferential financing, our product is a response to the needs and expectations of the local governments and communities.

Types of modules


ITK POINT, along with its modern, safe and durable structure, is equipped with a number of basic facilities that significantly increase the comfort of the passengers waiting for their mean of transport, regardless of the time of day and weather conditions. All of the Points – as green islands, are powered by integrated with an energy storage photovoltaic panels and wind turbines.

Intelligent lighting

LED lighting with a twilight sensor


24/7 passenger monitoring camera in the ITK area

SOS button

a button located behind the glass that can be used to call the emergency services when needed

Information panel

LED monitor providing the passengers and all of the residents with information

Wi-Fi zone

high-speed internet connection

USB charger

every ITK POINT provides the access to the charging sockets


ITK POINT, along with a number of basic functions, can be equipped with the additional Premium facilities, which are to raise its standard and make everyday life easier for the local community. From among many functions, the customer can choose:

Voice messages

a convenience for the blind and vision impaired passengers and residents

ATM / Deposit ATM

possibility of withdrawing and depositing cash


sending and receiving parcels

E-office box

the municipality mailbox

Electric chargers

to charge the electric vehicles


food and drink vending machines

Advertising screens

modern screens with advertising and information content

LTE antenna

located within the ITK area with the illuminated municipality’s coat of arms

Our Mission

Our main goal is to sell, distribute and popularize the solutions of the future coming from EKOPARK SA, our parent company.

A solution made for 21st century

We believe that ITK POINT, the Intelligent Communication Terminal, has a highly meaningful and responsible social mission to fulfill.

Ekopark operator

ITK POINT will allow even the smallest municipalities to be a part of implementing the most advanced communication solutions in the world together with the technological leaders such as Copenhagen, London, Tokyo or Paris.


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